Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – XXV

Continual prayer, the sine intermissione orare, is the habit of recourse to God, and not continual prayer as such, which is impossible.  Understood thus, all the life of man, with the whole sum of thoughts, words and actions which it contains, becomes a perpetual prayer, a sacrifice constantly offered to God, a sacred fire which ever burns through the constant tending of the soul to God.  And so it must be if we wish our whole life to have efficacious value, deserving of future reward.

Mortification in all things.  As long as we are on the way we must struggle.  Temptation is ever near.  Ceaselessly the devil goes about seeking whom he may devour.  The powers of our soul are fallible, our physical senses are fragile, our passions are always awake.  Hence the constant necessity for vigilance and mortification.  There is no more frequent charge in the Gospel.  To conquer we must strive, mortify ourselves, bear our cross.  No one escapes it.  Since original sin came among us, the obligation to fight and to renounce is a constant one.  Who has not been through this painful and sanctifying experience?  It is by suffering that we enter into glory.

Abandonment to Divine Providence.  Let us remember that God is a Father and that He never leaves one of His creatures in need.  And why would He thus leave a child whom He calls to the supernatural order of grace and glory?

And conformity to the will of God.  God ordains or permits everything.  He who lives by faith understands the immense advantage in conforming in everything to the most holy will of God.

(To be continued.)


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