Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – XXVI

3. For the practice of Virtue, grace is necessary.

And de Montfort adds: ‘To practice these means of salvation and holiness, the grace of God is absolutely necessary.  No one can doubt that sufficient grace is given to each one in a greater or less degree.’  Everybody knows that the channels of grace are the sacraments, that prayer is also an efficacious and habitual means of obtaining grace; that God always grants to all sufficient grace to save themselves, but that there are in addition gratuitous and particular graces, which He grants to certain souls in view of a special vocation.

Grace is necessary.  God grants it to all who ask for it and merit it.  The wrong lies in not corresponding to it and conforming our will and acts to it.

Blessed Louis adds further: ‘I say, in a greater or less degree, for though God in His infinite goodness gives sufficient grace to each one, He does not give to all in equal measure,’ either because this gift is not part of His plan or because the soul does not deserve it.

The faithful soul with great grace performs a great act and with less grace a lesser act.  On the value and excellence of this grace bestowed by God and corresponded with by the soul depend the value and excellence of our actions.  These principles are incontestable.’

From the union then of divine grace and personal correspondence is derived that moral sanctity which God crowns in Heaven.

(To be continued.)


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