Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – XXVIII

Chapter II

Why Mary Is Necessary To Us

I. Because Mary alone found grace before God.

Blessed Louis is then justified in repeating after the Angelic Messenger: ‘Mary alone found grace before God,’ as a result of divine predestination and of the incomparable gifts bestowed gratuitously and liberally upon her.  She found grace ‘both for herself’ that she might be worthy to be the Mother of the Son of God, and ‘for each individual soul’ in whose salvation she cooperated by the perpetual union of her sacrifice with that of her Son from the initial act at Nazareth and by the universal distribution which she makes of the grace merited by the Redeemer.

Neither the Patriarchs, Prophets nor Saints of the Old Law,’ who were born beneath the yoke of sin and lived under the rule of fear in a religion of shadows and parables, ‘were able to attain that grace,’  The time was not yet.  They lived in the expectation of Him Who should come and salvation was granted to them in virtue of the faith which they had in the Messiah Who would be born of a Virgin.  And we may justly affirm that salvation came to them through Mary, who for them too was, in anticipation, their true Co-Redemptrix.

(To be continued.)


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