Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – XXXII

By her Maternity Mary was to be related to God, to be one of His family, to co-operate in the work of the Blessed Trinity.  How could she not resemble the three Divine Persons?  And could the triune God permit a shadow, a veil however slight, to darken and to come between the so intimate and sweet relationship which was to be established between the Father and His Daughter, between the Son and His Mother, between the Spirit and His Spouse?

The entire divine order revolts at it and imperiously refuses.  Besides, the fact, stronger than the hypothesis, exists.  Because Mary was to be the Mother of God, she was Immaculate in her Conception.

This initial privilege implied others, postulated by her future functions.  Everyone through the weakness of our first paretns is liable to actual sin, to the urgings of concupiscence, to errors of intelligence and judgment.

The Blessed Virgin as a result of her perservation from all stain and of the virtue infused into her soul, was immediately confirmed in grace, unable to sin even venially, to feel the least sensual urge, to be touched by the lightest breath of error and infidelity.  Withdrawn from the influence of original sin, she could feel none of its peccant consequences.

Having from the beginning escaped the devices of the wicked one, she was never subject to their harmful influence.

Like us she had passions; she felt their effects.  But her will illuminated by the light of grace, and ordered y the rectitude of her reason, completely dominated them and ever kept them within bounds.

According to Holy Writ, which insists upon the necessity of trial under the form of temptation, we may believe and say that in this sense Mary could be and must have been tempted, just as Jesus was, by the devil in the wilderness.  The trial of temptation had to be hers that she might show still more her love and her fidelity, acquire new merit and give us the example of struggle and victory.  When God, with His divine hands, formed Mary Immaculate, He made her beautiful and holy as Himself, and for Himself, in every sense of the word.

(To be continued.)


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