Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – XXXV

And Blessed Louis concludes with growing insistence:

God the Father, from Whom as from their fountain-head proceed every perfect gift and evrey grace, in giving His Son to Mary has given her all His graces, so that, as S. Bernard says, the Will of God has been given to her in Him and with Him.’

Jesus completely gives Himself and is subject to Mary, not only as a man for thirty-three years, but also as God for ever, in Heaven as on earth.  As God and as a gift of happy exaltation, He places in her hands all His divine treasures for her and for men, brought back by Him and born by her to the supernatural life.  And by a unique and infinite act of confidence, He makes her the Depository and Dispenser of all His graces; He carries His surrender so far as to subject His will to that of Mary, to conform Himseld to it in everything.

(To be continued.)


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