Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – XXXVII

Redemption is then the counterpart and the magnificent replica…but how far superior…of the Creation.  ‘Male and female He created them,’ says Genesis.  If that is necessary for the production of natural life, how much more so for the flowering of the supernatural life.  There must always be a mother bending over our cradles.

Two groups present themselves to our eyes, both at the beginning of an era of life, but they are two opposite groups: the one is guilty, it has failed in its task; the other is innocent, it retrieves the disaster.  In the one are Adam and Eve.  Created just, they disappointed God’s expectations, they destroyed His plan, they fell into sin, disobedience and disgrace, carrying with them into their ruin all posterity.  With physical life they inoculated the soul with supernatural death.

In the other are Jesus and Mary.  Created just, they have remained so.  They by divine decree are to repair the supernatural order.  Just as at the origin of human life, Adam cannot do without Eve, even so at the origin of the divine life, Jesus cannot do without Mary.

When we meditate upon the envy of Jesus into the world, we see Him in His Mother’s arms.  When we think of Him finishing His work upon the Cross, we hear Him make His will and confide to us His Mother who accepts us.

(To be continued.)


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