Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – XXXIX

In order to illustrate this doctrine by examples, we need only open the Gospel and see how Jesus associated Mary in the performance of His two first miracles, the one of grace, the other of nature.  Blessed de Montfort is very particular upon this point.

The first sanctification made by Jesus, that of John the Baptist, was performed by the means and at the prayer of Mary.

The first natural miracle, that of the wedding at Cana, which led the apostles to believe in Him, was obtained by the tactful and discreet intervention of Mary.

Now that which God resolved to do once, He ever does, for ‘the gifts of God are without repentance.’

Bossuet in famous passage has magnificently sketched this truth.  Blessed de Montfort has explained this same doctrine in almost identical terms.  And both are only the echo of the whole Catholic tradition, whether of the Fathers or the Doctors, of the official and constant teaching of the Catholic Church.  Nor need we hesitate any longer since the liturgical institution of a festival, fixed for May 31, in honor of and under the patronage of ‘B.M.V. Omnium Gratiarum Mediatricis‘ (Benedict XV, 1920).

(To be continued.)


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