Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – XL

Our Lord is the meritorious source, the first indispensable and final means of obtaining every grace necessary to salvation.  Therefore we always ask God to grant us His grace ‘through Jesus Christ our Lord.’

But in the Divine plan of the acquiring and the dispensing of graces Mary has always her place at the side of Jesus.

And it is God’s will that this place should be necessary and that this co-operation should be real, effective, continual and universal.

When God gives a grace, He looks at the group which stand for redemption, the acquiring of merit, intercession, mediation and the dispensing of graces.

In the foreground Jesus Christ: His intervention is necessary.  It would be sufficient, but He has not so willed it.

Behind Him, Mary: Her intervention is not necessary.  But God has willed it; we must have it.

Then Mary comes forward.  Her intercession draws all its efficacy from that of her Son.  She offers her own merits united with those of Jesus.  Far more – when she offers the merits  of the Saviour, she asks God to accept them.

And it is in this way, by continuing in Heaven the oblation made by her at Nazareth, at Bethlehem, in the Temple, on Calvary, uniting her prayers and her personal merits to the intercession of Jesus, that she admirably fulfills her function of Dispenser of graces.

(To be continued.)


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