Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – XLI

And this is how the mediation of Mary in its work of restoration, of grace, and of salvation, restores and repairs the part of Eve in the matter of the Fall, of death and of loss.

Blessed de Montfort has concisely condensed into a few words this consoling doctrine when he says, ‘Our Lord is our Mediator with God the Father, but we need a Mediator with the Mediator Himself, and this Mediator is Mary.  To go to God the Father we must go to Jesus, for He is our Mediator of Redemption; to go to Jesus we must go to Mary; she is our Mediatrix of intercession.’ (True Devotion)

Let us then conclude with S. Ephraim’s beautiful invocation: “Most gracious Lady, Mother of God, full of grace, thou the common glory of our nature, the channel of all blessings, Queen of all things after the Trinity,…the Mediatrix of the world after the Mediator; thou the mysterious bridge which unites Heaven to earth, the key which opens to us the gates of Paradise, our advocate, our mediatrix, behold my faith, behold my devout longings, and remember thy mercy and thy power.  Mother of Him Who alone is merciful and kind, receive my poor soul, and by thy mediation make it worthy to be one day at the right hand of thine only Son.’

(To be continued.)


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