Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – XLIII

5. Because in order to have God for our Father, we must have Mary for our Mother.

As in the natural order,’ says Blessed de Montfort, ‘a child must have a father and a mother, so in the order of grace, a true child of the Church must have God for his father and Mary for his Mother.’

We have already said how through creation we become the image and the children of God, and how we become so still more and in a higher sense through Redemption and the grace of Holy Baptism.  It is a certain and consoling truth.  Through this Sacrament we enter the Church which is the Mystical Body of Christ, and united to our Head, we become the true children of the common Father Whom we have in Heaven.

But we may, through the free act of madness which is called sin, break within us the image and reject the fatherhood of God.  Nevertheless, even in this state of formal or latent apostasy, the soul still keeps the indelible character of the divine effigy and the seal of its supernatural origin.  But having repudiated its God, it is in its turn repudiated by Him, and at the same time, loses its rights to the paternal heritage.

It is important, then, and it is what Blessed Louis tells us, to remain true children of the Church, faithful to grace and to the obligations of the Sacraments…conformable to the model who created us and sanctified us, obedient to all the duties that filial piety, no less than the divine law, imposes upon us.  Then and then only shall we be true children of God and of Mary.

In the supernatural life, it is impossible to honor, to serve and to love God worthily and truly without having at the same time equivalent and proportionate feelings of devotion towards Mary.  Psychologically it would be a phenomenon contrary to all the laws of nature.  Would it be comprehensible that in a family a child could honot his father without showing this mother the same duty when both are equally worthy of it and ahve an equal right to it?

And,’ says de Montfort, ‘should he boast of having God for his Father, without at the same time having the tender love of a true child for Mary, his father is the devil,’ because to reject the paternity of God and all the harmony of the Redemption.  This is the will of the sublime Trinity.  It goes without saying that the father of this miserable deserter from the family of God and Mary is the devil.  Before accepting the homage which we owe Him, God insists, then, that we should show the same to Mary in proportion to the sublime and unparalleled dignity which He conferred upon her in the work of Redemption, in the Mystical Body of Christ and in the Kingdom of glory.

(To be continued.)


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