Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – XLIV

For birth into the natural life we need a father and a mother.  And even so it is in our introduction into the supernatural life.  Surely there would be something lacking if at the Font, which is the cradle of soul soul, we did not see bending over our christened brow the blessed smiling face of a mother.  But God knows our needs better than we do.  This Mother He has given us, His own.  And here a mystery of grace is at work.  Mary is truly our spiritual Mother according to grace.  She it is who bears us for the supernatural life.  The same act which made and consecrated her the Mother of Jesus, made her at the same time the Mother of mankind.  We must take Mary and consider her in all the fullness of her destiny and her functions as the new Eve even as they were conceived and willed and realized in the plan of Redemption,  She was to give birth to the Son of God that she might co-operate directly and individually with Him in the regeneration of mankind.

Even so must we take Christ and consider Him in all the fullness and extent of His being and His work.

In Him there are three inseparable things: His body of flesh and blood, His human soul, both united to the divinity in the person of the Word, and the Church which is His splendor, His consummation, His mystical body.  So that Jesus is not only human, body and soul united in the Word, nor only the Church, but the whole integral Christ is Christ in person with the Church, forming one whole, the mystical body.  And this mystical Body is as perfect and as real as His physical Body.  It is composed of all the children of the Church who are its spiritual members.  Part of this wonderful Body already enjoys celestial glory, part suffers and waits the hour of deliverance from the expiatory flames of Purgatory, and another is still militant on earth.  But all these members without exception have only one same Head, Jesus, from whom they ever receive divine and vivifying influences, and to whom they are united by the most intimate and holy of supernatural ties, ‘because we are members of His body, of His flesh and of His bones.’

(To be continued.)


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