Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – XLV

Now when the Eternal God decreed the Incarnation, when the Word was made flesh in the womb of Mary, the whole Body of Christ, physical and mystical, was included in this conception.  The whole was conceived, born, grew, developed, at the same time.  And when the personal and visible Christ should have finished His work and have returned to His Father, He would continue to act, to live, to be perpetuated and completed in the Church, in the members of this Church, that is the mystical Body of Christ.  And it was for this mystical Body, Jesus and the Church, for its conception, birth, upbringing, development, that God chose a Mother, Mary.

It was in the thought of God at Nazareth.  It was not on the evening of Good Friday but at the dawn of the Annunciation that her double function took rise and began to be carried out.  And the touching and unforgettable scene of Calvary is only an amazing and solemn confirmation, an official and public consecration of the mother’s part, already accepted and inaugurated by Mary at Nazareth.  This is why Mary, with a divine and admirable reality, is really our Mother and more, the Mother of our souls according to grace whilst our mothers can only be so according to nature.

(To be continued.)


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