Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – XLVI

6. Because the members of Jesus must be formed by the Mother of Jesus.

And so Blessed de Montfort continues with much aptness:

Since Mary formed the Head of the predestinate, namely, Jesus Christ, it is for her also to form the members of this Head, namely, true Christians, for a mother does not form the head without the members nor the members without the head.’

It would be absurd to try to imagine a normal being with a head and no members, or with members and no head.  Blessed de Montfort calls such a one a monster.  These freaks of nature are poor beings, without life or beauty, qualities or purpose.

It is the same in the supernatural order, with this essential difference, that Christ the Head can live without a member which may have died; whilst the dead member cannot live without the Head.

To sum up then, the moral Body of Christ needs a head and members.  Otherwise even if it could exist it would not be a complete Body.  The perfection of our Head Who is Christ insists upon it imperatively; the realization of the divine plan requires its continuance in a Body and this mystical Body is the Church, and this Church is composed of living members, namely all Christians, and Christians become so by Baptism.  I say then with Montfort, that Mary who formed Christ, the Head of the predestinate, forms also in all justice and truth, in all harmony and necessity, His mystical Body, which is the Church and the Christians who are its esential members.  The Church would not exist without Christians.  The mystical Body of Christ would not exist without the Church.  And the whole would not exist without Mary.

The Church is the Mystical Body of Christ, that is to say a whole of which the different parts are united to Christ and among themselves by a bond of a supernatural kind, established by the operation of the Holy Spirit.  This bond is sanctifying grace which makes us partakers of the divine life and nature.

Christ is the Head of the body the Church.’  One and the same life flows through the whole body and animates all its members.

Now when she became the Mother of Christ, the fullness of Christian life, Mary became the Mother of each of those whom that life was one day to animate.  She is actually the Mother of the Church as a whole and of each of the faithful in particular, for she is the Mother of Christ in His natural being and in His mystic being, in the person of Jesus and in the person of each baptized Christian.  Every Christian, by the fact that he is a Christian, must be the son of Mary.

(To be continued.)


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