Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – XLVIII

7. Because it is through Mary that the Holy Spirit produces the predestinate.

With the whole Church the Blessed de Montfort calls Mary the Spouse of the Holy Ghost.  And he describes in a few lines all the doctrine of the formation of Jesus Christ and of the predestinate in Mary, by the vivifying breath and beneath the mysterious shadow of the divine Spirit.  This thought runs as it were through all his teaching.  It is its basis and its end, for what is its purpose?  To form souls in Mary after the example of Jesus.  This is the whole sun of his doctrine.

The Holy Ghost,’ he writes, ‘having never repudiated Mary whom He espoused, and in whom, by whome and from whom He produced that masterpiece Jesus Christ, the Word Incarnate, continues daily in a mysterious, but nevertheless real manner, to produce in her and by her.’

In these words there are two things, two degrees of formation.  When beneath the waters of Baptism and at the word of the priest, the little child is born to the supernatural life, the same moment which makes him a child of God, makes him a child of Mary, and Mary’s acceptance of her double Maternity, at the word of the Angel, becomes a reality.  Mary then will be and must be the Mothre according to grace of this child, born into the supernatural life.  But there is more.  That is the first step.

Behold the second.  Mary is the Mother of all souls born to grace.  But there are some in whom she strives to develop yet further the likeness to Jesus.  And that is Mary’s true work, the training of the individual souls to holiness, to the perfection desired by God.  Mary’s training is intensive, ceaseless, according to the degree of grace and of correspondence to that grace, a training which under her influence will make souls more and more like Jesus Christ, members worthy of such a Head.

(To be continued.)


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