Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – XLIX

Let us illustrate these truths from the luminous language of S. Luke, Mary’s Evangelist.  We there see the mysterious action of the Holy Ghost in the humble and prudent Virgin for the production of the great Event.  If, to begin with, we see the purpose of the Archangel’s visit, to ask Mary’s consent to become the Mother of the Word, Who wills to be incarnate; if we hear Mary, enlightened, reassured, happy, pronounce her simple and tremendous ‘Fiat‘; if we sense the loving eager Word, coming upon Mary at those words and overshadowing her; if in the contemplation of the unfathomable mystery which overwhelms us, we instinctively utter the cry which our Redeemer will utter in the last moments of His agony on the Cross, ‘Consummatum est.  It is consummated’; if we do all this, we yet hear within us a voice which tells us that the words of S. Luke are not all, that beneath their cloak there is something else hidden.

Let us remove the cloak, let us seek further, and with what result?  This: with the Word, in the Word, Who knocked at Mary’s door, the Angel brought the Annunciation of souls, all souls whom the Word made Man was to redeem.  Mary saw them.  She understood her fullness of grace, the habitation of God within her, the intervention of the Holy Spirit.  She understood that the Word came for a purpose: to redeem mankind.  She understood that this could not be done without her, that all those souls were clinging to Him Who should come, as the shipwrecked to the saving raft.  She understood that if she became the Mother of the Son of God, she must, at the same time, become the Mother of mankind.  Then a ray of light illumined her soul; a torrent of love flooded her heart.  She understood the Divine plan, she saw those souls saved.  She said, ‘Fiat! Yea! Behold the handmaid of the Lord.’  Jesus and souls had a Mother and their Mother was one and the same.

(To be continued.)


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