Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – LI

In the mind of God, the work of the Redemption is a whole which will only be completed with its consummation.  The Redemption is not limited to Calvary.  It began at Nazareth, it was accomplished at Golgotha, it is intended and is to be individually applied to each soul, to all souls, through all time.  Now all Christian souls are members of the Church, and the Head of that Church is Christ.  It is the complete and entire mystical Body of Christ.

What then do we see in the realization of this redemptive plan?  The intimate and constant co-operation of Mary.  God is the inspiring force, Jesus Christ is the principal and necessary agent.  Mary co-operates in a secondary but equally necessary way.  Without her, there would have been no Redemption according to the plan conceived by God.  The fall and the Redemption would not have balanced each other.  The fault would not have had its perfect counterpart in the reparation.  The man and the woman of the Fall needed for the harmony of the divine plan the man and the woman who should raise them up.

This action and this co-operation of Mary began then when the Head of the predestinate, Jesus Christ, was formed.  That they might attain their full consummation, they had to be in union with those of the Holy Ghost, that both might continue together the formation of the elect.

Then God’s work of Redemption will be perfect.  It will appear in all its majestic beauty, displaying, with the justice and the power of God, His mercy and His love.

(To be continued.)


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