Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – LII

8. Because it is Mary’s office to nourish souls and make them grow in God.

Mary,’ says Blessed de Montfort, ‘has received from God a special dominion over souls in order to nourish them and make them grow in God.’  There is in this sentence an astonishingly rich and suggestive synthesis of the part Mary was to play.

This power over souls comes to her from her spiritual Maternity and is founded on the function of human mothers with regard to their children.  The reason of Mary’s power over souls come to her then from her rank of spiritual Mother.

Blessed de Montfort then lays down a definite principle which he deduces by means of logic from the place occupied by Mary in the scheme of Redemption.  In order to form in her, in all its perfection, the adorable Body of the Savior, God lavished upon her all graces, knowledge, power.  And she was thus able to fit the Son of God, Who was at the same time hers, with a perfect Body which made Him ‘the fairest of the children of men.’  In order to bring up Jesus, God gave Mary a heart loving above all things, a fair and enlightenend understanding, a maternal soul.  He made of her the model Woman, the ideal Mother, of whom the valiant woman of the Bible was but an inadequate figure.

(To be continued.)


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