Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – LVI

9. Because Mary must dwell in the predestinate.

We have arrived at a trilogy of thoughts which often recur life a refrain in the writings of Blessed de Montfort.  It is the theme of the relationship of the Blessed Virgin to the three divine Persons.  Elsewhere the holy writer describes what is rather passive action of Mary with regard to the Blessed Trinity, that is to say, her formation by the three divine Persons.  Blessed Louis here explains the active part given by them to Mary in souls, that she should dwell in them and prepare them for the reign of God.

It is for Mary,’ he says, ‘that God the Father said: In Jacob inhabita: Daughter, let thy dwelling by in Jacob, that is, in my elect typified by Jacob.’

We all know the beautiful story of Jacob and Rebecca explained by Père de Montfort in his Treatise of the True Devotion.

Isaac is a figure of the Eternal Father; Rebecca of Mary; Jacob of the predestinate; Esau of the rejected.  We desire the paternal blessing.  Mary, like Rebecca, will see to this.

Jacob, as his Hebrew name signifies, is a supplanter.  For a mess of red pottage, Esau sells him his birthright.  Thanks to his mother’s skill, Jacob actually supplants Esau in the paternal heritage.

Jacob prefigures the Gentiles; Esau the Jews.  Thanks to Mary’s skill, the pagan nations come into the inheritance of the Jewish people, and supplant them in the Church, the inheritance and mystical Body of Christ.

Later on Jacob and Esau are reconciled in the love and with the blessing of Isaac and Rebecca.  In the end of time, Christians and Jews will be reconciled, united, will love each other, in the same faith in Christ and the same devotion to Mary.

Jacob prefigures true Christians, children of grace and of Mary; Esau, false Christians, children of wrath and of Belial.

These true Christians, these predestinate, are supplanters.  Mary dwells in them, inspires them, directs them, makes them succeed.  Thanks to her diligence, they supplant the children of this world, obtain the paternal benediction of God and enter into possession of the celestial heritage.

(To be continued.)


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