Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – LX

10. Because Mary is the living mould of God and the Saints.

Gradually the idea of Blessed de Montfort grows more precise, more clear, more definite.  His aim is to describe a method of spirituality and of easy and perfect sanctification.  He begins by laying the foundations and loosening the soil.  And now to demonstrate his thesis, he makes use of and explains the celebrated comparison of the ‘mould,’ conceived by S. Augustine.

Mary,’ he says, ‘is called by S. Augustine and is in reality, the living mould of God, forma Dei.  It was in her alone the God-Man was formed without losing a single feature of His Godhead, and it is also in her alone that man can be transformed by the grace of Jesus Christ into the nature of God, in so far as that is possible for human nature.’

Blessed de Montfort means here, that just as Mary gave the Son of God a body human and perfect, so she gives the soul whom she forms in her as great a perfection as human nature, perfected by grace, can possibly reach.

(To be continued.)


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