Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – LXIV

The second is quick, easy and gentle, causing hardly any trouble or expense, provided of course that the mold be without flaws, and exactly represent the model, and that the material used is easy to handle and in no way resists the process.’

Who has not seen a mold?  From a rough model in potter’s clay the molder makes a mold, and in this shape the artist casts his material whether soft or melted, whether it be plaster, stucco or metal, in its melted state.  In this way the farmer’s wife makes her dainty pats of butter and the pastry-cook fashions his appetizing cakes.  The material fits itself exactly to the outlines, projections and hollows of the mold so that a faithful copy of the model is reproduced.

Let us apply these principles to Mary’s formation of the predestined soul to holiness.

Blessed de Montfort lays down two conditions for the molding of a statue: a flawless mold and docile material.

Now for the formation of souls we find that the first condition is eminently fulfilled in the Holy Mother of God.  If the soul corresponds and supplies the second condition, the effigy which will come from this divine mold will be perfect.  So, Blessed de Montfort.

(To be continued.)


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