Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – LXV

Mary, he says, ‘is the great mold of God, made by the Holy Ghost in order to form a God-Man by the Hypostatic union and by grace, a Man-God.’

You see the correlation and its gradation.  You see the cause for which God so magnificently formed Mary: that she might be form a God-Man according to nature and men-gods according to grace.

In this mold no feature of the Godhead is wanting.’

We have sufficiently shown the incomparable greatness of Mary, her wealth of virtue, grace, gifts, merit and glory, her treasures of bounty and power.  We need not go back to them.  This mold is divine since it served to form a God made Man; it is for this reason that Blessed de Montfort would have it serve to form men made gods.

Whosoever,’ he says, ‘is thrown into it and allows himself to be freely handled, receives therein the likeness of Jesus Christ, True God.’

Whoever is cast in this divine mold which is Mary, and is docile, receives the likeness of Jesus Christ, True God, ‘in a manner gentle and proportioned to human weakness without much pain or labor,’ even as a child is treated by its mother according to its strong or weak constitution.  And when there are bitter pills to swallow, Mary gives them in the sugar of her love.  ‘It is safe and without fear of illusion, for where Mary is, the devil has never and never will have access.  Lastly it is done in a manner all holy and immaculate without the shadow of the least stain of sin.’  These clear words need no explanation.

(To be continued.)


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