Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – LXVIII

The molder who would mold his soul after the perfect model, the Savior, is wiser.  He casts himself in Mary.

Weigh well the terms which Blessed Louis uses: there is required ‘a soul docile, detached, tractable.’

Since the mold is perfect, the material to be cast in it must be in proportion, tractable and docile.  ‘A great docility,’ says Pére Lhoumeau, ‘is therefore necessary to allow oneself to be formed by the Blessed Virgin if we desire that our formation be quick, easy and gentle.’

But let us note that although this formation through Mary has these three qualities of quickness, ease and gentleness, it is not without suffering and renunciation.  Consider the natural material cast in the mold; whether it is plaster, stucco or paper, it is kneaded, crushed, reduced to pulp, brought to a degree of complete pliancy.  If it is metal, it is melted.  In both cases, resistance is absent and quite impossible.

Spiritually it is the same thing.  Before casting the soul in the mold of Mary, we must break with all inward and outward resistance, the will must be broken, annihilated, reduced to a limitless state of submission and docility: ‘Perinde ac cadaver,’ such is the dependence of the slave of love where his Queen and Mistress are concerned.

In order to arrive at this state of renunciation, we must overcome and subjugate nature and all its powers.  And this means suffering, though understood and accepted suffering which becomes joyous and meritorious.  Montfort is an example.

And it is then Blessed Louis exclaims: ‘How pure, divine and Christ-like is that second soul!’  For the goal is reached, that of forming the soul in the image and likeness of Christ.

(To be continued.)


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