Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – LXX

11. Because Mary is the Paradise of God.

Blessed de Montfort begins an enthusiastic hymn in honor of the supernatural and triumphant beauty of Mary.

In Himself, in His essence, in His attributes and perfections, God is infinitely great.  God alone is great as regards perfection and infinity, and these were the words of the gentle but plain-spoken Massillon over the coffin of Louis XIV.

But ‘there is not, there never will be a creature in whom God is greater, outside Himself and in Himself, than in the divine Mary, not excepting Saints,’ who upon earth show His grace and goodness and in Heaven His glory and splendor, ‘nor the Cherubim nor the highest of Seraphim’ in whom He lights the fire of His love and shows forth a ray of His shining spirituality… ‘in Heaven itself,’ …that blessed dwelling-place of which He is the Center, the Joy and the Life.  God is great in all His works, in all His creatures, from the giant sun to the humble hyssop, which each in its sphere, in its rank, with its voice in one great harmonious choir, sings unceasingly the love, the power, and the magnificence of the divine Creator.

You can call to mind all the men, all the women, among the Jews, the pagans and the Christians, in times ancient and times modern, in whom God has placed a particle of His power, flashed a spark of His greatness.  Name these men and women by whom God willed to do great things, to change the course of events or the statutes of nations, who made the world resound with the fame of their genius and their holiness.  You shall not find one like Mary.  God worked in them great human things.  In Mary the great things were divine.

(To be continued.)


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