Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – LXXII

And Blessed Louis continues: ‘He made a world for man as a pilgrim, the one we live in; He made a world for man in his state of blessedness, Paradise; but He made another wherein to dwell Himself, and He called it Mary.’

God Himself told His privileged One of what should come to her.  And when His Divinity had invaded her, when Mary had a clear consciousness of it, and when her love, kindled at the glowing hearth of eternal Love, leapt in its turn in eager flame toward that Heart, with what infinite return did the Father answer?  The Blessed Trinity in Its entirety, a willing a captive in the bonds of her love, came towards her and made of her a lasting dwelling-place.

It is a world,’ says Montfort, ‘almost unknown to all mortals here below and incomprehensible to all the angels and saints in Heaven.’

Few are the privileged ones to whom it has been granted to penetrate into this divine Interior, for it pleased the King ‘to hide His secret.’  And Blessed de Montfort, whom Mary deigned to show some of the marvelous beauties hidden within her, owns that he cannot find words for them.

And we may well apply to this living Paradise what S. Paul says of the invisible Heaven.  ‘Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard: neither hath it entered into the heart of man.’  The holy Mother of Jesus is a creature so apart that we should need divinely inspired knowledge to understand her.  Hic taceat omnis lingua.  Let all mortal flesh keep silence.

And that which makes the Heavens wonder and understand that Mary is indeed a peerless being ‘in the past and in the future,’ as the Church hymns her, that she is the unique Masterpiece of God, is just this: ‘To see this God, so high, so remote from the angels, the saints and all the elect, so withdrawn and hidden in His own world, the divine Mary.’

And when whilst they make the celestial vault resound with their triumphant Hosanna of adoration, whilst they cry without ceasing: ‘Holy, Holy, Holy,’ they also sing to Mary their hymn of love, praise and adoration, ‘Holy, Holy, Holy Mary, Mother of God and Queen of Heaven.’

(To be continued.)


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