Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – LXXIII

In these pages into which Blessed de Montfort has condensed so much beautiful and definite teaching, many ideas recur, resemble one another, dovetail and overlap each other.  We must neither wonder at it nor find fault with it.  Montfort is full of his subject: he sings it.  Expanded into repeated variations, like waves of music, from the breath of a winged inspiration, these are full of charm and eloquence, and show to thoughtful meditation unexpected vistas.

From the height to which Blessed Louis would have us climb, let us contemplate once more as from a wonderful observatory some of the beauties of that Paradise of delight which he describes to us.

He exclaims: ‘Happy, thrice happy, here below, is the soul to whom the Holy Spirit reveals the Secret of Mary that it may come to Mary.’

Secret of God, secret of Mary, secret of the soul.  Here for the first time, Montfort would have us understand that in order to know the Secret of Mary, that is to say, The True Devotion to Mary, we must by prayer address ourselves to the Holy Spirit, because Mary is His Spouse whom He alone knows perfectly and whom He alone can reveal to those interior souls who ask it of Him in sincerity.  There are in her divine secrets of grace, of virtue and of glory.  She alone, in the established order, communicates to her faithful one of the treasures stored within her.  It is she who fills our souls with the splendors of grace, the light of faith, the ardor of love, the demonstrations of piety, the excellence of charity, the activities of zeal and apostleship.  Those who visibly distribute to us these graces here below are only channels, instruments, intermediaries.  But she it is who ceaselessly draws upon the infinite treasure of her Son’s Heart, who asks in an irresistible manner because she is the Mother, and who grants liberally because she is the Queen.

(To be continued.)


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