Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – LXXIV

It is to the soul living by the grace of the Spirit ‘that He opens the Garden Enclosed that it may enter there.’  The Holy Spirit, in His rank of Spouse, alone has the keys of this mysterious garden, rich and delightful in a different way from the first Eden.  There can enter only those in whom He discovers some resemblance to the Son and the Mother.  At the gate of the lost Garden, an angel stood armed with a flaming sword, to forbid entrance to whomever should dare to present himself, and no one ever entered there.  At the gate of Mary’s Garden stands the Spirit of love.  And it is with joy and eagerness that He calls the predestinate and makes them enter this new Eden where refreshment, salvation and life are found.

It is to the soul eager for the living water of eternal Truth that the Holy Spirit opens ‘this fountain sealed up,’ that it may draw from it the living water of grace and drink long draughts of it.

Christ is like the pure expanse of those waters which lie hidden in the bosom of the earth.  Mary is like those abundant springs which rise from its surface.  ‘You shall draw water with jot out of the Savior’s fountains.’  ‘That soul will find but God alone in the adorable Creature.’  Mary possesses only God and can only possess God.

More clearly than the Psalmist she says: ‘The Lord is the portion of my inheritance.’  More clearly than the Apostle: ‘My God and my All.’  To the soul who seeks in her and through her, God alone, his End and All, she gives God, but she can give only God Whom she possesses and Who suffices her.

(To be continued.)


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