Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – LXXV

‘But this is why,’ says Blessed de Montfort, ‘this soul will find God at once infinitely holy and aloof; infinitely condescending and understanding towards our weakness.’ 

In fact, God shows two very different aspects of Himself.  On the one hand, the Creator God, infinitely holy, powerful and dread, Who seems to crush us with His boundless greatness, before Whom nations and individuals are as if they were not.  On the other hand, we have the Redeemer God, infinitely kind, veiling His sovereign majesty, becoming as a little child, and coming down to us, going so far in His wonderful love as to die for us and to feed us with Himself.

Beneath both these aspects, He is in Mary.  But in her, His infinite love is shown as much as His limitless power.  In her, He is complete.  But Mary, with the Mother’s delicate skill, knows wonderfully how to soften the greatness of God so that the children’s eyes see only the adorable lineaments of the Savior.

Since God is everywhere,’ by His Creation and His Omnipresence, ‘we can’ and we must ‘find Him everywhere,’ in Heaven where He is the joy of His angels and His elect, on earth where He reigns by grace in the hearts of His Saints and His faithful, and ‘even in hell’ where the sternness of His justice and His power is felt by those who were not willing to taste the tenderness of His love.  ‘But there is no place in which the creature can find Him nearer to itself and more as its weakness can bear it, than in Mary, since it was for that reason that He took up His abode in her.’

(To be continued.)


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