Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – LXXVII

12. Because Mary helps forward the union of souls with God.

Blessed de Montfort briefly recalls the objections raised by those of the faithful who are critical, downcast, devoid of spiritual sense, or by those who have been ill-taught.  He discusses it at length in his Treatise of the True Devotion.

Let us then not imagine, with the unenlightened, that Mary, being a creature, might form an obstacle to union with the Creator.’

It is irreverent to think, believe and teach this.  Everything is against such an assertion, which can only have arisen in the dull brain of some latter day Jansenist, or of some ignorant soul.  To dare to make such a statement, we can neither have meditated upon nor understood the A.B.C. of the scheme of love, the will of God, His wisdom and holiness, the part the Blessed Virgin was to play.  Let us hasten to add, for the honor of Mary and of those who are actually devoted to her, that such objections are much rarer today than they were at the time of Blessed de Montfort.

Besides, here are the principles unchanging and undisputed.  God is the ultimate end of every being.  Jesus is also this because He is God.  Mary in the order of things is only the secondary end, the mediate end, if I may so say.  God is Mary’s end as He is ours.  And Mary, as theology tells us, only exists for the purpose of Christ, that is to say, in relation to Jesus and to God, to Whom she infallibly and of necessity leads in her capacity of secondary end.

And to suppose and to declare that devotion to the Ever Blessed Virgin limits our union with God, is to insult God Himself, it is to admit that He must have given men a Mother who would estrange the children from their Father, the creature from its Creator, the redeemed from their Redeemer, the sanctified from their Sanctifier, whilst turning to her own advantage and attracting to herself the homage of men.  Such an understanding would be without foundation, for God would not be in it.  To attribute such intentions to her is to insult Mary.  God created her so holy and so pure, gave her knowledge so certain and so sure, that she would not, could not attract to herself alone as final end, the slightest homage of the least of creatures.  She would prefer never to have existed, or if there were any danger of this, immediately to perish.

It is also an insult to the devoted servants of the Mother of God to believe them so simple or so ignorant as to take a road which would lead them away from their union with God and from their necessary end.  They have sufficient knowledge to justify their action.  Of course we must beware of illusion, but Mary does not deceive.

(To be continued.)


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