Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – LXXVIII

It is no longer Mary who lives, it is Jesus Christ Who lives in her.’  This is the most divinely beautiful and perfect realization of the famous words of the Apostle Paul:  ‘Vivo autem iam non ego: vivit vero in me Christus.’  And better than the great disciple of Christ, the Mother of Jesus could say this.

Listen to the following comparison while pardoning its simplicity.  Take a glass of water.  Melt some sugar in it very thoroughly.  Drink.  The water is very sweet.  Where is the sugar?  It is everywhere, even in the smallest molecule of water.

And so it is with God in Mary, only more so.  God is everywhere in her.  He has, as it were, melted within her, into her soul and all her faculties, into her body and all her sense, into her life and all her action at every moment.  God influenced her unceasingly, entered into her, impregnated her, flooded her, filled her better than the water does a sponge, better than the fire, the glowing ore.

Her transformation into God,’ is entire and perfect.  ‘It surpasses that of S. Paul and the other saints as far as Heaven is above the earth.’  And nevertheless, that S. Paul, S. Benedict, S. Francis of Assisi, S. Teresa, S, Francis de Sales, Blessed de Montfort, S. J.B. Vianney, S. Theresa of the Child Jesus and many other holy saints, inscribed in the heavenly calendar in greater number than in the Roman martyrology, were filled with the Holy Ghost and in union with God, we know.

The purer the water and the more plentiful the sugar, the more palatable the water will be.  This the saying of the philosophers is verified, ‘what is received is always received according to the capacity of the recipient.’  Now the souls of the saints in their degree, but in a restricted degree, were filled with God.  But the soul of Mary was filled in an immense and indefinite degree, having regard to her almost limitless capacity, her supreme destiny and her constant correspondence.  She was filled with God and with His grace on the day of her Immaculate Conception, of her birth, of the Incarnation, and of the Birth of the Son of God, and throughout her life in every ascending degree.  Her case was one of a marvelous transfiguration in Jesus and in God.

(To be continued.)


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