Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – LXXIX

Blessed Louis is then right to add when pointing out the real reason of this transformation: ‘Mary was made for God alone, and far from detaining a soul in the contemplation of herself, she, on the contrary, impels it towards God and unites it to Him more or less closely according to the degree of its union with her.’

Fecisti nos ad Te Deus.  Thou hast made us for Thyself, O God,’ said the convert of S. Ambrose.  And Mary was to utter this exclamation so sublime and true with even more reason.

For if all creatures are made for God, especially the saints, because He is their sole and necessary End, Mary is so even more specially, since she was to receive Him and bear Him beneath her humble roof at Nazareth, is a word, to form Him that He might fulfill His mission as a Redeemer.  In a direct and personal sense then, Mary had a destiny and an end which were essentially centered in God.  She only existed on account of the God-Man, born of her divine Maternity.  And after this, how shall we, how can we suppose that Mary wants to keep anything for herself?  She grasps the soul who comes to her with an eager love, and with herself impels it towards God.  And the more absolute this surrender of the soul, the closer Mary unites it to God.  Its flight brings it nearer to the infinite Perfection.

The soul whom Love on his wings of flame bears towards Mary, is swiftly borne by her, as the eaglet by the royal eagle his Mother, before the very Face and even to the heart of the adorable Trinity.

(To be continued.)


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