Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – LXXXI

If those who are falsely enlightened, and who have been sadly led away by the devil even in their prayers, had known how to find Mary, and through Mary, Jesus, and through Jesus, God, the Father, they would not have fallen so lamentably.’

Of whom is he speaking?  Of heretical protestants and Jansenists who have rejected or limited the devotion to Mary.  Jesus at the sight of the wrong and the insult shown to His Mother was wounded in the most sensitive part of His filial heart.  And to punish those who despised her, He has left them to wander in their pride and error.  Are there not perhaps even amongst pious Christians, some who are really Jansenists?  Let us beware.  Jesus is very jealous for the honor of His Mother.  Let us learn from His example that we can never show her too much.  ‘De Maria numquam satis,’ writes S. Bernard.

(To be continued.)


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