Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – LXXXII

Once we have found Mary, and through Mary, Jesus, and through Jesus, God the Father, we have found all good things: Inventa autem una pretiosa margarita, abiit, et vendidit omnia quae habuit et emit eum.’

Let us note carefully in passing the gradation of terms employed in this formula which de Montfort is never weary of repeating, constantly in his thoughts as it was: Mary, Jesus, God the Father.

Blessed Louis is clearly alluding to the pearl of great price in the Gospel.  The True Devotion to Mary which he teaches is the pearl of great price among all other devotions.  We must then in no way neglect to adopt it and practice it.  We must use all the faith and piety and love that we have to acquire this pearl, better than all the rest and adding to their beauty.

All means no exception: all grace and all friendship with God; all protection against the enemies of God; all truth against deception; all ease and all victory with regard to the obstacles to salvation, all sweetness and all joy in the bitterness of life.’

These words show us that Mary is a Mother whose only concern for us is to give us God and to unite us to Him, and who, in order to do this, guides our steps from the cradle to the grave, through all the acts of our lives to that blessed hour when the soul finally meets God.

(To be continued.)


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