Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – LXXXVIII

The first devotion consists in performing our duties as Christians, avoiding mortal sins, acting more from love than from fear, praying to the Blessed Virgin from time to time, and honoring her as the Mother of God without having any special devotion to her.’

It is the ordinary way of the commandments, nothing more.  ‘What shall I do to possess everlasting life?’ asks a young man of Jesus.  The Master answer, ‘Thou knowest the commandments’: All Christians who wish to be saved, keep and must keep them, but where is the special devotion to Mary?  There is hardly anything about it.  She only intervenes in the fulfillment of the ordinary precepts as an integral part of the religion of Jesus Christ.  Not much more than that.  In this way Mary comes into the round of Christian duty.  This first form of devotion is hardly more than the obligatory observance of precepts necessary to salvation, with an intermittent and occasional thought of the Mother of the Savior.  For many, it is no more than that, and it is not enough.

(To be continued.)


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