Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – XCII

Let us now pursue the study of this Consecration.  Let us carefully examine the actual tenor of the form of words which our lips pronounce.  What does that for contain?  By this act we surrender to Mary three orders of goods: of nature, of grace, and of glory.  We deliver up to her in the capacity of slaves: our bodies with all their senses and members; our souls with all their faculties and powers; our hearts with their affections and aspirations; everything that we are, but also everything that we possess in the natural order: exterior property, house, fortune, estate, income, family, time, health, work, honor, reputation, expectations; in the supernatural order: grace, virtues, good works, merits, prayers, indulgences, works of satisfaction of all kinds, past, present, and future; in the order of glory: heavenly joy and bliss, the vision of God, eternity.  We make ourselves, in a word, the utterly humble slaves of Jesus through Mary.  From that moment we no longer belong to ourselves, we become the real and actual property of our Queen and Mistress.  It is for her to dispose of us and of everything that we bring her.

‘We see by these explanations,’ says Père Lhoumeau, ‘how comprehensive is this Consecration which Blessed Grignion terms a perfect renewal of the Baptismal vow.  In it we actually renew, through the hands of Mary, our donation to Jesus Christ Our Lord.  We may here remark that by this making over to the Blessed Virgin the value of our good works we give to this Consecration the same effect and merit as the heroic act, except of course that which is attached to the vow and its consequences.’

The heroic act of charity for the sake of the souls in Purgatory consists in the voluntary surrender to those souls of all the Indulgences we have gained, of all our works of satisfaction during life, and all the suffrages from which we may benefit after our death.  We place in the hands of the Ever Blessed Virgin the special and personal fruits of these works and these suffrages, that she may dispose of them according to her pleasure in favor only of the souls in Purgatory.

(To be continued.)


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