Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – XCIII

The act of Consecration consists in the surrender, voluntary also, of the impetratory value of our good works to Mary that she may use them according to her pleasure, without any reservation or restriction or distinction.

The heroic act is a single and limited act of Charity.

The act of Consecration is a complete, absolute and universal act, a whole which embraces all our life, and fills it, placing us in that state of complete subjection which is called Holy Slavery.

For the same reason I would say: the heroic act of Charity and the act of Consecration to Mary being neither of them a vow, the act of Consecration, by its inclusion of all good works, by its free application to the living and the dead, by its duration which covers time and eternity, by its boundless consequences, has certainly a much greater importance than the heroic act properly so-called.

The heroic act is an isolated act of charity limited to indulgences and other works of satisfaction, destined only for the solace of the souls in Purgatory.  I know that it is not limited to life and that it also extends beyond the death of the giver, but it is ever concerned only with the same works and the same souls.

(To be continued.)


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