Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – XCV

2. Extent of the True Devotion: Absolute Surrender

Here we may remark,’ writes Blessed de Montfort, ‘that by this devotion we sacrifice to Jesus through Mary all that we hold dearest and of which no religious order exacts the sacrifice, namely, the right of disposing of the value of our prayers, alms, mortifications and good works.  This we do by leaving the entire disposal of them to the Blessed Virgin, who will apply them as she thinks fit to the greatest glory of God, which she alone knows perfectly.’

In religious communities with simple vows, the subject by the vow of poverty yields up the use of his goods but not his rights as owner.  He still keeps the radical ownership of his possessions, they may even be augmented, and he may dispose of them by will.

In religious orders with solemn vows, the subject with his vow of poverty goes further.  He surrenders even the radical ownership of his possessions.  He is utterly poor, but what he has given up are earthly goods which perish and pass away.

The member of the Archconfraternity of Mary Queen of Our Hearts goes further still, without being either of these types of religious.  The act of Consecration has a wider significance than the vow of which it has not the merit.  It hands over absolutely to the Blessed Virgin person and property, exterior and temporal.  More, it surrenders his interior property: graces, virtues, good works, the satisfactory and impetratory value of works, that she may use them at her will, and in her keeping this merit is to be the glory of the future; this is utter abandonment, in that Mary remains sole and absolute mistress and dispenser.

(To be continued.)


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