Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – CIII

In itself slavery has something repugnant to the mind.  But with our eyes on Mary we cast over it the veil of love, and at once, transfigured, it shines with a sublime beauty and an alluring charm.

The Slavery of Love for which Blessed de Montfort pleads, is free and voluntary; the slavery of those who have a devotion to Mary is freely chosen and accepted.  This gives it its nobility and its merit.

Man can be united to Jesus Christ in three ways according to the three titles of the Savior.  He is our Sovereign, our Redeemer, and our Head.  We must be His subjects because He is our Sovereign; His captives because He is our Redeemer; His members because He is our Head.  We must love beneath His laws as a Sovereign, His wishes as a Master, His orders as Head.

It is to this that the slavery of love to Jesus in Mary brings us.  But this slavery, most glorious to God, most dear to Mary, most useful to our neighbor, most salutary for our souls, must depend entirely upon our love and our will, upon our desire for a closer union with God through ties more intimate and more loving.  And this more intimate and loving means is complete surrender to Mary.

(To be continued.)


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