Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – CV

These are some reflections on the nature and extent of this slavery of love to Jesus in Mary.

But it is easy to see that the slave by constraint is the most dependent of all, in a way which can only exist by right in the case of a man in regard to his Creator.’

This is why human slavery is unjust, barbarous, contrary to human liberty, condemned and abolished by the Church and all civilized nations, thanks in particular to the great anti-slavery movement inaugurated by Cardinal Lavigerie.

This is why Christians do not have such slaves only Turks and idolaters act thus.’

Slavery is born of forgetfulness of God, of contempt for the dignity of man, of an ignoring of immortality and nobility of soul, of the abuse of strength and pride.  The Church, founded by Our Lord, brought back into the world the rules and practice of charity with the knowledge of the great truths of faith and love for the Father Who is in Heaven, and whose children we are, redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ and the tears of Mary.

‘Happy, a thousand times happy, is the generous soul who consecrates himself entirely to Jesus through Mary, in the capacity of a slave of love, after having, through Baptism, shaken off the tyrannical slavery of the devil.’  It learns thus to taste the true liberty of the children of God.

(To be continued.)


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