Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – CVI



I should need,’ says the holy writer, ‘much knowledge in order to describe perfectly the excellence of this practice.’

I. It imitates the three Divine Persons.

 ‘I will only say in passing:

That to give oneself thus to Jesus by the hands of Mary is to imitate God the Father, Who has not given us His Son except through Mary, and Who does not communicate His graces except through Mary.’

God, being all love, desires to communicate Himself to men; that was why He created them pure, in a state of perfect justice.  But man having by his sin marred his original beauty and lost sanctifying grace, God in His goodness gave us His only Son, made man like unto us.  But this Man Who was God did not intend to communicate Himself, immediately and directly, to an unworthy mankind.  In order to come down to them, He chose a way of His own making, which He enriched with divine beauties and ineffable perfections.  He chose the immaculate way of Mary.  ‘Posui immaculatam viam meam.’  For this reason He created her pure, made her by preservation and privilege exempt from all original sin.  Thus God, while speaking to mankind and communicating Himself to them, could the more easily satisfy His immense love for Mary.  And if there had only been Mary upon earth, the Son of God, drawn by her charm, would still have become incarnate in her chaste womb, in order to give through her a greater glory to God His Father.  And here I do not dispute the opinion of those who maintain that the Word would have become incarnate in Mary, even without the sin of Adam, so that He might inhabit this boundless and marvelous virginal purity and this give to God an infinite increase of glory and of love.  However it may be, it is a fact that the Eternal Father gave His Son to Mary to draw us to Him and to save us.

(To be continued.)


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