Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – CIX

2. It honors Jesus Christ as our Mediator.

While showing us the excellence and the advantages of True Devotion, called the Holy Slavery of Jesus in Mary, Blessed de Montfort assures us that ‘to go this to Jesus through Mary is to honor Jesus Christ,’ and he gives two reasons for this.

Because we this acknowledge that our sins have rendered us unworthy to approach His infinite holiness directly and by ourselves, and that we have need of Mary, His holy Mother, to be our Advocate and Mediatrix with Him our Mediator.  This is at the same time to approach Him as our Mediator and our Brother and to humble ourselves before Him, Who is our God and our Judge.  In a word, we thus practice that humility which never fails to captivate the heart of God.’

Once again, the pious writer repeats that God did not will to give His Son directly to the world, but through Mary.  The Son of God did not will to come on earth at maturity as Adam did, but as a little child dependent on a mother’s care.  In spite of His eagerness to glorify His Father and to save souls without delay, Jesus chose a way, outwardly very humble and very slow, that of subjecting Himself to the Blessed Virgin for thirty years.  And those thirty years of subjection to Mary glorified God more than thirty years of miracles, sermons and conversions.

Oh! how greatly do we glorify God by subjecting ourselves to Mary after the example of Jesus.’

This act and this condition of dependence upon Mary form a ‘perfect practice of humility which captivates the heart of God.’  This devotion teaches us to keep our distance while providing us at the same time with the best means and the best helps towards arriving at the fount from which comes down to us every perfect gift.

This act and this state of consecration also form the most beautiful homage which we can show to God, for it is equivalent to a recognition by its imitation of Jesus, of the admirable wisdom of His conduct.

The ways of God,’ says the Psalmist, ‘are past finding out, just and true.’  But how much more is this true of her whom He made ‘unique and immaculate,’ and through whom His Son came.  And this imitation of the divine conduct gives to the Ever Blessed Trinity an immense increase of honor and glory as well as a precious abundance of grace to mankind.

(To be continued.)


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