Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – CXVI

We have read the symbolical story of Rebecca and little Jacob.  It is a beautiful and perfect allegory.  We have noticed with admiration how the skillful and foreseeing Rebecca clothed her favorite child in the rich and perfumed clothes of his elder brother Esau, in order to secure for him the blessing of his father Isaac, who is old and blind.  It is a parable.

Mary is our Rebecca; we are as her little Jacobs; God is our father Isaac; is Jesus then our Esau?  Yes, under the mysterious and providential condition of the allegory.  And so if we understand it well ‘as Rebecca did to Jacob she will clothe us in the beautiful garments of her eldest and only Son Jesus Christ, that is to say, with His merits which she has at her disposal.’

‘This man and that man is born in her,’ says the Psalmist.  These two men who are born of Mary are Jesus according to nature and man according to grace.  Mary gave the Son of God the human and mortal garment of His body; on the other hand, she clothes man in the divine and immortal garment of Jesus, of His infinite merits, with which she covers and adorns our supernatural poverty.  ‘And so,’ concludes Blessed Louis, ‘shall we, her servants and her slaves, after we have despoiled ourselves of everything in her honor, be clad in double garments; omnes domestici eius vestiti sunt duplicibus: that is the vestments, ornaments, perfumes, merits and virtues of Jesus and of Mary clothe the soul of a slave of Jesus and of Mary who is stripped of self and faithful in his surrender.’

‘This charming commentary on the beautiful thought of S. Bernard,’ says Père Lhoumeau, ‘will console and encourage those afflicted by the frequent proofs of their unworthiness and of the inadequacy of their labors.’  According to the favorite and happy expression of Blessed Louis, Mary will be their ‘supplement’ before God.

This expression is indeed quite Montfortian; it is hardly found elsewhere, and well defines the part which Mary fulfills for us with God.

All those on duty in some great house wear the official livery of their master.  In the house of God we must wear the official livery which is Mary’s.  It is the one she gave to Jesus and the one her slaves of love must don.

When old Isaac had breathed the fragrance of Jacob’s garments, he blessed him saying: ‘Behold the smell of my son is as a plentiful field which the Lord hath blessed.’  When our Heavenly Father shall breathe the fragrance of the clothes we wear, the garments of Jesus and of Mary, He will rejoice and will pour out upon us, the slaves of Jesus in Mary, His most abundant blessings of grace upon earth.

(To be continued.)


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