Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – CXIX

In the Book of Ecclesiastes, the Wise Man tells us that God gave to each of the Jews rules with regard to his neighbor.  Blessed de Montfort, like a Wise Man of the Church, gives us in his treatises on devotion to Our Lady advice which is practical in a different way.  Just as the law of evangelical grace surpasses the law of Mosaic fear, even so do these Montfortian rules surpass those of the sages.  And what does he say?  He says: ‘Help your neighbor, but through Mary.’

Is this not indeed to love one’s neighbor perfectly?  Is it not the true way to convert sinners without fear of vanity and to deliver souls from Purgatory without doing anything really but what each is obliged to do by his calling, but to do it with the Blessed Virgin?

Read once more in the Treatise of the True Devotion what Blessed Louis says of the great benefit that this devotion secures to sinners and to souls in Purgatory.

To act thus makes us apostles, saviors and liberators of souls.  But we must beware of one fear: that of thinking that in fulfilling duties of charity, gratitude and even of justice, we could ourselves have to suffer from our disinterested despoiling of ourselves for others.  Some timid souls indeed are sometimes seized with scruples, fear and anxiety.  They say: ‘By my Consecration, I surrendered everything to the Blessed Virgin.  Then I can no longer say this or that prayer, apply this or that indulgence, have Masses said for a soul who is dear to me, and so on.’

But if you can, place your intention and your desire with the Ever Blessed Virgin and be at peace.  Mary will take better care of your interests than you could.  She will fulfill your obligation.  It will be more disinterested on your part and therefore more meritorious.

(To be continued.)


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