Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – CXXII

To err, to stray, to fall, with the disasters which must of necessity follow, that is, alas! easy.  It is to forestall such misfortune, such loss, that Montfort exclaims:  ‘Oh, my Powerful, my most Powerful Princess, hold me lest I fall, guard all my goods lest they rob me of them, I confide to thy keeping all that I possess: Depositum custody.’

And you, slaves of Jesus in Mary, must you not tremble for your little hard-won treasure?  Must you, not fear lest into the limited but precious field of your virtues and merits, the ravening fox may come, to spoil your borders, root up the seeds, delay their growth, trample the flowers and imperil the ripening and the harvest of fruit?

Precious treasure, collected little by little, work by work, day by day, what effort, sacrifice, prayer and solicitude have you not cost?  We cling to it, and with reason, for it is the precious sum with which we shall pay for our eternal bliss in Heaven.

(To be continued.)


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