Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – CXXIII

But let us beware, for in this world we bear it, as the Apostle says, ‘in earthen vessels.’  And it is to be noted that this expression is literally exact with reference to our body made of earth by the divine hand; it has the fragility of earth.  Sin has made it more fragile still.  And since then, body and soul, united in the fall as they were in original justice, are united too in danger, exposed to the storms of passion, the lures of the world, the call of the senses, the wildness of the imagination, the ambush of temptation, the malice of satan.  And it is then that beneath the more or less immediate, more or less violent shock of these diverse elements, our fragile vessels, which contain so precious a treasure, are liable to be broken, spoilt, perhaps utterly smashed by sin.  Farewell! spiritual wealth, thou source of bliss and glory.

We need only put out vessel and the treasure within it in a strong safe which the devil cannot force; this safe is furnished with a divine seal, secure from the hands of thieves in the night, where neither the greedy worm, nor the leprosy and rust of sin, nor the church of the devil can enter: the Ever Blessed Virgin Mary.  Let us confide to her our supernatural treasure.

(To be continued.)


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