Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – CXXIV

S. Paul, the valiant apostle who had grown old in fight, and worn himself out in the work undertaken in the name of Jesus Christ, writes to his faithful disciple Timothy.  He recommends him to be strong in the duties of his office.  And with this purpose he reminds him of the grace of his ordination and the holiness of his vocation.  The apostle does not hesitate to give himself as an example.  He exults in the thought of the magnificent vocation to which Our Lord has deigned to call him.  He tells his disciple so: ‘Wherein I am appointed a preacher and an apostle of the Gentiles.  For which cause I also suffer these things; but I am not ashamed.  For I know Whom I have believed and I am certain that He is able to keep that which I have committed with Him, against that day.’

We can address these same words to the Most Blessed Virgin.  It was God Who predestined us and called us to the sublime state of the supernatural life.  But it was Mary who brought us forth when she gave birth to her divine firstborn Son Jesus to the natural life.  For He as the Head, and we as the members, form the same Mystical Body of which Mary is the only Mother.

As for Jesus, so she had for us the care, the love, the affection, the solicitude of a true Mother.  We were entrusted to her y Jesus at the foot of the Cross.  She consented and accepted.  We can then say to her with all confidence: ‘Keep my trust.’

And we can add with the same feelings: ‘Scio cui credidi: I know whom I have believed.’  The reason for this confidence lies in my heart.  My heart does not deceive me.  It says: Mary, the Mother of Jesus, is my Mother.  And such a Mother does not deceive.  And therefore I exult in the joy of my heart and cry to her with Montfort: ‘I know well who thou art, and that is why I confide myself entirely to thee.’

(To be continued.)


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