Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – CXXVIII

The humble slaves of Jesus in Mary do not dream of such an emancipation, tumultuous, cruel and fatal.  But on a closer inspection, we find that this innate spirit of liberty which since the Fall has joined forces in us with original pride, slumbers in each of us and that very little will suffice to rouse it.

True liberty is found in humility, in the considered, intelligent, willing recognition of the rights of God over us, and at the same time in the strict obligation we are under, in that we depend on Him alone for life and through our baptism, to serve Him, love Him, and accept Him as the only end of all our natural and supernatural aspirations.

The true Christian who serves God in all simplicity, who does not presume to ask God the reason of His commands, who strives with the help of His grace to practice faithfully all the virtues and duties of his state, who accepts with resignation, that they may be meritorious, trial and sorrow, who is satisfied with his station, who would not cause others suffering but rather please and help them, he knows true liberty and peace of heart – he is a child of God, free as the Father Whom he has in Heaven.

(To be continued.)


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