Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – CXXIX

All this is good, but there is something better still, more easy, more profitable, namely, to know this liberty through Mary.  ‘Since for love of Mary we have of our own free will reduced ourselves to slavery, so this dear Mistress out of gratitude enlarges and dilates our hearts, and causes us to make giant strides in the way of God’s commandments.’

Mary enlarges and dilates our hearts.  The liberty of the world, on the contrary, servitude disguised, narrows, dwarfs and fills the heart with sadness and unease.  This good Mother, while she enlightens our souls and purifies our intentions, makes her slave of love understand the justice and the necessity of the rights and commandments of God, the joy and the safety of obedience, the beauty and greatness of virtue.  Through this supernatural knowledge and under the mild influence of the Immaculate One, the soul is dilated with joy, love, zeal, interior life.  It understands true life, true liberty and therefore true felicity consist in this, the loving and willing service of God.

And in this contemplation and under the influence of the feelings which result from it, the soul tastes an inward peace, content, satisfaction, which raise it, strengthen it, console it, illuminate it, cause it to despise still more the world and its spurious good, and to aspire with more force and eagerness towards the Source and Ocean of all liberty and therefore of all happiness, God.

And then, remembering that it is on earth to be a useful instrument for the glory of God and the salvation of souls, the soul hastens to run with more fervor and speed in the way of its duties and of all the virtues.  It takes its Heavenly Mother by the hand and seems to say to her: ‘We two.  I surrender myself utterly to you.  Lead me where you will; I will follow you, but hold me fast.’

And the soul begins its road.  It makes no sound; the good it does is quietly done.  All its life is within.  As Abraham before the Lord, it walks before Mary in a perfect purity of intention and an absolute confidence.  The intentions of its Mother are its own; Mary acts within it.  This is the interior life in all its fullness and splendor.  This soul does the will of Mary, it is free.  It is the life of the living Jesus in Mary and through Mary, in the soul of her faithful slave.

(To be continued.)


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