Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – CXXXI

Chapter IV

 Interior Practice of this Devotion

 I. Its Meaning: Life in Mary.

Holy Slavery as conceived and taught by Blessed de Montfort and as authorized and approved by the Church is not merely a partial, limited, occasional and intermittent devotion.  It is a way of total spiritually, complete and lasting, a method of interior life, which establishes us in a state, a habit.  It is the Life in Mary.  Mary will not be for us the beginning or the end; but she will be the Mediatrix, the Means, the Way by which to arrive safely at the Goal.  She will be the air which we breathe, the motive of our thoughts, our intentions, our movements; the Strength which will win all our energies, will condense and utilize all our efforts, for the glory of God, for our sanctification and our salvation.  It is on these lines and these conditions that the Holy Slavery of Jesus in Mary must be considered.

There are many other devotion, but the majority are specialized; some imply many exercises, special acts, different practices, many prayers.  They may please certain souls, eager, more or less, for rules and for variety; the Holy Slavery of Love has only one interior practice of obligation: the life in Mary.

It is a devotion of assimilation, adaptation, surrender.  It is the water which takes exactly the shape and outlines of the vessel which contains it.  Such as we are, it takes us, with our own personality, our temperament, our character, our talents, our natural and supernatural qualities, our graces, our virtues, our merits.  It takes us, whatever our social position, our station in life, the duties of that station, whether in the world, in the priesthood, or the religious life.  The priest’s parochial and apostolic work, his teaching; vows, occupations, meditation, the contemplative state, the nursing and the teaching orders, missions near and far; trade, office, marriage, the single life in the world; nothing is an obstacle to the practice of this devotion.  It does not hinder us, it does not burden us, it lays on us no new and special obligations.  It take the position that we occupy, adapts itself to it, raises it, supernaturalizes it, sanctifies it; she makes it her own, if I may so say to express my thoughts as I would.

The life in Mary is like a garment which fits all souls to perfection.

(To be continued.)


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