Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – CXXXV

Perhaps you will say: You are strict, exacting, narrow, exclusive.

No, I am in earnest, and as de Montfort did, I desire the greatest good of souls.

Or you will say: The more souls there are consecrated to the Blessed Virgin, the better it will be.

Certainly, but these souls, too young, or insufficiently instructed, or ill-prepared, will not practice the True Devotion interiorly, nor will they understand it.

Or you will say: But at least they will be consecrated to the Blessed Virgin.  Certainly, but for that, the consecration of the first Communion, of the reception as a child of Mary, of a mission, suffice; but I maintain that without knowledge and sufficient preparation it will not be, and cannot be the special consecration and the interior practice of the Holy Slavery of Love of Jesus in Mary.  It is impossible.

(To be continued.)


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