Secret Way of the Enclosed Garden – CXXXVII

A vast field is then open to us in which to exert and develop our zeal.  We must also state, for the encouragement of candidates and enthusiasts, that the strict condition of careful preparation, thorough knowledge, sustained application, in the practice of this interior life, does not lessen the number of adherents of the Holy Slavery.  Every day brings us overwhelming and touching proof of this.  It gives those would be members just what their souls need: the most efficient means of approaching God and of sanctifying themselves.

The conclusion to be drawn from all that has been said and which is of obligation for our conduct and our direction is then this: Let the soul whom God inspires with the thought of consecrating itself to Mary by the Holy Slavery of love, as a means of greater perfection, faithfully follow the call of grace.  Then let it strive to live more and more in Mary that it may gradually climb those steps of which Blessed de Montfort speaks and at last establish itself in this life so as to make it its habitual state.

(To be continued.)


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